Board of Education
Board of Education Meeting Public Participation Request Information
Form to Submit to Request to Address Board of Education
Community and Parent Information
Student Portal Account Access Instructions
Instructions on how to access your Student Portal Account
Student Portal Application
Application for a Student Portal Account
Parent Portal Application
Application for a Parent Portal Account
Meigs County Community Services Quick Reference Guide
Resources Guide for Famlies Needing Assistance
Custody Type Document
Student Custody
PD Standards Checklist
This form is current as of 2013.
2012 PD Activity Form
This activity form is to be used for all activities including college courses, CEUs, and all forms of contact hours.
2012 IPDP
This Individual Professional Development Plan template is for everyone.
Master's Degree Program Proposal
Submit to LPDC for Approval of Master's Program
Employee Forms
Insurance Rate Changes
Effective July 1, 2014 the health insurance rates will change.
Student Activity Forms
Forms used for student organization fundraisers.
Cash Advance
This form is used for fundraisers and athletics when change is needed for admission.
Travel Expense Reimb Form 2014
Use for travel reimbursement for calendar year 2014
Travel Expense Reimbursement Form
Use for travel reimbursement for calendar year 2013
Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application
Application for Eligible Student Loan Forgiveness
Time Sheet (Fill-able)
Submit completed form for payroll
Professional Growth Reimbursement Application
To be completed for reimbursement of college credits for professional growth.
Ohio Highly Qualified Teacher Status Sheet
Use to Determine HQT Status Code
Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators
ODE State Board Adopted Code in Response to HB190
Criminal Records Check Requirements for School Employees
Checklist for When Background Checks are Required
Completion of Duties
Complete this form and obtain signatures as required for completion of Supplemental Contracts and Activity Sponsors/Advisors.
Accident Reporting
Instructions how to report a work related injury.
Absence Report (Fill-able)
Complete this form upon return to work from absence
End of Year Forms
Equipment and Materials Inventory
Inventory information for all equipment and materials.
Work to be Done
Request for work to be done during the summer months.
Textbook Inventory
Inventory form for textbooks.
Checkout Form
Form to be Completed by Staff and Administrator
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