Students at Eastern Elementary Soar High with Good Character!

Eastern Elementary Kicks Off the New Year with Good Character!       

Our character education program rolled into the New Year with a new character trait: perseverance!  Perseverance means not giving up easily!  We took a break from our character skits in December, but got back into the swing this month as we performed The Tortoise and the Hare for students in kindergarten thru fourth grade.


The weekly drawings for a High Flying Eagle continue to be big excitement for staff and students.  Each Friday a Flight Ticket winner is drawn.  The winner receives $5.00, a certificate, and a trip to our monthly Board of Education Meetings.  All students who receive Flight Tickets throughout the week are eligible for one of three grand prizes at the end of the school year - $100.00 gift cards to Toys ‘R Us!  So far we have had 15 High Flying Eagles and hundreds of Flight Ticket recipients.  We are so proud of everyone’s efforts.


As we say goodbye to 2010, we continue to encourage our students to remember the character traits learned last year and show positive character in their daily lives.  As always, we appreciate your help in encouraging and expecting positive behavior.  This month you can remind students to always do their best and to not give up easily…PERSEVERE!


FLIGHT TICKETS NOVEMBER 1 - 5: Olivia Arnold, Primo Averion, Cassidy Bailey, Allison Barber, Cameron Barber, Lane Barber, Abigail Bauerbach, Chloe Bissell (X2), Jasiah Brewer, Mikayla Brooks, Shayla Brooks, Natalie Browning, Bobby Bryant, Kevin Burke, Haley Burton, Carissa Caldwell, Ella Carleton (X7), Cory Casto, Hayes Causey (X2), Brady Colburn, Austin Combs, Chris Connolly, Aaron Corne, Ezra Dalton, Jay Dalton, Dustin Davis, Lindsie Davis (X2), Emma Doczi, Ally Durst, Emmalea Durst (X2), Juli Durst (X2), Whitney Durst, Emma Epling, Jonna Epple (X2), Sharp Facemyer (X3), Steven Fitzgerald, Chad Foster II (X2),  Christian Gaul, Baylee Haggy, Ryan Harbour, Tia Harris, Bradley Hawk (X2), Natalie Hoffman (X2), Brogan Holter (X3), Shayla Honaker, Skylar Honaker, Kendyl Householder, Aubree Johnson (X2), Lillian Kennedy, Nora Lopez, Grant Martin, Isaiah Martindale, Colton McDaniel, Lita Michael (X2), Erica Milliron, Jacob Milliron, Trenton Morrissey (X3), Avary Mugrage, Bella Mugrage (X2), Cameron Nelson (X2), Mackenzie Newell, Brielle Newland (X3), Bryce Newland (X2), Jennifer Parker (X3), Riley Pierce, Eden Pooler, Colt Porter, Evan Randolph, Landon Randolph (X2), Isaiah Reed, Kelsey Reed, Trista Reed, Colton Reynolds, Jason Reynolds, Sydney Reynolds, Hannah Ridenour, Lisa Rose (X2), Hayley Sanders (X2), Kaycee Schreckengost, Koen Sellers, Taylor Shaffer, Bailey Sisson (X2), Karlee Small, Faith Smeeks, Alyse Smith, Konnor Smith (X2), Kylie Smith (X3), Makayla Smith, Paige Smith, Sierra Smith, Jacob Spencer, Sean Stebough, Harlie Strausbaugh, Easter Swain, Ciera Thorla (X2), Vada Toney (X2), Cheyana Umbel (X2), Braden Watson (X3), Jesse Woolard, Brady Yonker, Kyra Zuspan

FLIGHT TICKETS OCTOBER 25 – 29: Alexus Ault, Bradley Bailey, Colton Bailey, Cameron Barber, Lane Barber (X4), Savannah Barnes (X3), Maylee Barringer, Chloe Bissell (X3), Isabella Blair, Ciara Browning, Bobby Bryant, Haley Burton, Tanner Calhoun (X4), Ella Carleton (X2), Cory Casto, Hayes Causey (X2), Dylan Chevalier, Brady Colburn, Austin Combs, Clay Davis, Lindsie Davis, Jenna Dill, Emma Doczi (X3), Grant Dolan, Erica Durst, Juli Durst (X2), Emma Epling, Jonna Epple, Maycee Fields (X2), Lucas Finlaw (X2), Chad Foster, Christian Gaul, Brennen Gheen, Olivia Harris, Brad Hawk, Gavin Helgesen, Jenna Hensley (X3), Skylar Honaker, Kendyl Householder (X2), Alysa Howard (X2), Nathan Jackson, Lillian Kennedy, Chase King (X2), Hunter Lawrence, Lecia Leasure, Michael Letson, Isaac Lopez, Grant Martin, Megan Maxon (X2), Addie McDaniel, Colton McDaniel (X2), Israel Michael, Trenton Morrissey (X5), Avary Mugrage, Breanna Nelson, Dominic Nelson, Brielle Newland, Bryce Newland (X3), Coltin Parker, Riley Pierce, Eden Pooler, Colt Porter (X3), Bailey Putnam, Evan Randolph (X3), Landon Randolph (X2), Isaiah Reed, Trista Reed, Garrett Rees, Colton Reynolds, Sydney Reynolds (X2), Conner Ridenour, Kelsey Roberts (X2), Caitlin Rollyson, Hayley Sanders (X2), Sydney Sanders, Koen Sellers (X2), Haley Shafer, Ethan Short (X3), Bailey Sisson (X3), Abby Smeeks, Faith Smeeks, Alyse Smith (X2), Austin Smith, Kelsey Smith (X2), Konnor Smith, Kylie Smith (X3), Paige Smith (X2), Sierra Smith (X2), Sean Sobieski, Jacob Spencer (X2), Jennifer Starcher, Kelsey Starcher, Lily Suttle (X2), Vada Toney (X2), Tyson Toops, Cheyana Umbel, Ross Wells (X2), Brittany White, Jesse Woolard, Brady Yonker, Kyra Zuspan (X3)

FLIGHT TICKETS OCTOBER 18 – 22: Brayden Arix, Alexus Ault (X2), Primo Averion, Sophia Averion, Benjamin Bailey, Cassidy Bailey (X5), Colton Bailey (X2), Lacie Ballard, Allison Barber, Haleigh Barber (X2), Lane Barber (X2), Savannah Barnes (X2), Garrett Barringer (X2), Maylee Barringer (X2), Abby Bauerbach, Arielle Beeler, Chloe Bissell (X5), Wyatt Boggs, Jasiah Brewer, Andrew Brooks, Chloe Brooks, Chyanne Brooks (X2), Ciara Browning (X3), Noah Browning, Bobby Bryant (X2), Emily Buckley, Tanner Calhoun, Ella Carleton (X5), Shelby Carter (X2), Kelsey Casto, Dylan Chevalier, Taylor Chevalier, Jamey Clark, Joshua Cline (X2), Brady Colburn, Austin Combs (X2), Colton Combs, Aaron Corne (X2), Ezra Dalton, Laci Dalton (X2), Clay Davis, Dustin Davis, Jenna Dill, Emma Doczi (X2), Grant Dolan, Ally Durst, Emmalea Durst, Erica Durst (X3), Juli Durst (X3), Nicholas Edwards, Emma Epling (X2), Blaise Facemyer, Sharp Facemyer (X2), Katlin Fick, Chad Foster, Christian Gaul (X2), Brennen Gheen (X2), Cydnie Gillilan, Ryan Harbour, Olivia Harris, Bradley Hawk, Gavin Helgeson, Jenna Hensley, Hannah Hill, Treyton Hill, Brogan Holter, Michael Hooper, Eli Horner, Kendyl Householder (X2), Owen Johnson (X2), Lillian Kennedy (X2), Ryan Lauer, Dalton Lawrence, Jason Lawson, Lecia Leasure, Grant Martin (X2), Isaiah Martindale, Mollie Maxon, Addie McDaniel, Colton McDaniel, Israel Michael (X2), Erica Milliron (X3), Trenton Morrissey (X2), Trevor Morrissey, Bella Mugrage, Brayden Mugrage, Isaac Nelson, Riley Nelson (X2), Jennifer Parker, Colin Parsons, Ryan Parsons (X3), Michael Porter, Bailey Putnam (X2), Landon Randolph (X3), Trista Reed (X2), Wyatt Reed (X2), Sydney Reynolds, Abbie Ridenour, Hannah Ridenour, Johnathan Riley, Lisa Rose, Ryan Ross, Dalton Roush, Brayden Sanders, Hayley Sanders (X2), Koen Sellers (X2), Ethan Short, Bailey Sisson (X3), Devin Small, Abby Smeeks, Alexis Smith, Allysa Smith, Alyse Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Kelsey Smith (X2), Konnor Smith (X2), Kylie Smith(X3), Mackenzie Smith (X2), Makayla Smith (X3), Paige Smith, Sierra Smith, Sean Sobieski, Jacob Spencer (X2), Jennifer Starcher, Lilly Suttle, Ciera Thorla (X4), Kylee Tolliver, Vada Toney (X2), Tycen Toops, Tiffany Tripp, Braden Watson (X3), Ross Wells (X2), Collin Wilcoxen, Jesse Woolard (X2), Brady Yonker (X2), Kyra Zuspan (X5)

FLIGHT TICKETS OCTOBER 11 – 15: Haley Arix, Sophia Averion, Weston Baer (X2), Bradley Bailey, Allison Barber, Jake Barber, Olivia Barber, Savannah Barnes (X2), Joseph Bartee, Arielle Beeler, Natalie Browning, Haley Burton, Alison Carleton, Ella Carleton, Kelsey Casto, Jenna Chadwell, Dylan Chevalier (X2), Colton Combs, Aaron Corne (X2), Laci Dalton, Jenna Dill, Ryan Dill, Emma Doczi(X2), Grant Dolan, Erica Durst, Juli Durst, Jonna Epple, Katlin Fick, Kylie Gheen, Bradley Hawk, Treyton Hill, Morgan Houghton, Kendyl Householder (X2), Alysa Howard, Gus Kennedy, Bradley Kimes, Kennedy Lantz, Corey Lonas, Isaac Lopez, Colton McDaniel, Trenton Morrissey, Trevor Morrissey, Bella Mugrage, Darby Mugrage, Camron Nelson, Blake Newland, Jennifer Parker, Anna Pierce, Isaiah Reed, Trista Reed, Ethan Reitmire (X2), Jason Reynolds, Sydney Reynolds (X3), Conner Ridenour, Karlee Roberts, Tessa Rockhold, Ryan Ross, Hayley Sanders, Sydney Sanders, Kaycee Schreckengost, Koen Sellers, Layla Simmons, Karlee Small, Abby Smeeks, Faith Smeeks, Alyse Smith, Kelsey Smith (X2), Kylie Smith, Makayla Smith (X3), Jennifer Starcher, Easter Swain, Logan Tackett, Preston Thorla, Bryleigh Weigum, Lydia White, Alex Woolard, Brady Yonker, Kyra Zuspan (X2)

FLIGHT TICKETS OCTOBER 4 – 8: Brayden Arix, Destiny Arix (X2), Sophia Averion, Weston Baer, Bradley Bailey, Lane Barber, Savannah Barnes (X2), Maylee Barringer (X3), Jaymie Basham, Abby Bauerbach, Chloe Bissell, Shayla Brooks, Noah Browning, Tanner Calhoun, Ella Carleton (X2), Jenna Chadwell, Brady Colburn, Aaron Corne, Hannah Damewood, Zoie Davis, Britney Denton, Emma Doczy (X2), Grant Dolan, Blaise Facemyer, Sharp Facemyer, Hannah Faulisi, Christian Gaul (X2), Kaleb Gheen, Kylie Gheen, Ryan Harbour, Gavin Hegelson, Jenna Hensley, Hannah Hill, Natalie Hoffman, Shayla Honaker, Eli Horner, Kendyl Householder, Garrett Howard, Emily Jeffers, Olivia Johnson, Samuel Jones, Michael Letson, Grant Martin, Malachi Martindale, Lukkas Mays, Addie McDaniel, Colton McDaniel, Lita Michael, Trenton Morrissey (X4), Avary Mugrage, Breanna Nelson (X2), Riley Nelson, Jessica Parker, Colin Parsons, Ryan Parsons, Colt Porter (X2), Landon Randolph (X2), Colten Rayburn, Kailey Reed, Trista Reed, Wyatt Reed, Garrett Rees, Jordan Riley, Brayden Sanders, Hayley Sanders, Taylor Shaffer, Brady Smith, Konnor Smith, Kylie Smith, Easter Swain, Jonathan Tanner, Ciera Thorla, Cheyana Umbel (X3), Brayanna Wells, Christina Wheeler, Lydia White, Jesse Woolard, Brady Yonker


 Students who received Flight Tickets for the week of September 20 - 24 are as follows: Olivia Arnold, Alexus Ault (X3),  Sophia Averion (X2), Alyson Bailey, Benjamin Bailey, Bradley Bailey, Cassidy Bailey (X2), Allison Barber, Cameron Barber (X3),  Lane Barber, Savannah Barnes, Garrett Barringer (X3),  Maylee Barringer, Evan Bauer, Abby Bauerbach, Chloe Bissell, Jasiah Brewer, Jasmine Brewer, Andrew Brooks, Chloe Brooks(X2),  Chyanne Brooks (X2),  Haley Burton, Brayden Bush (X2), Evan Caldwell, Tanner Calhoun, Allison Carleton, Ella Carleton (X3),  Austin Carnahan, Shelby Carter(X2), Kelsey Casto, Hayes Causey, Dylan Chevalier (X2),  Taylor Chevalier, Jamey Clark, Matthew Clingenpeel, Christopher Connolly (X2), Aaron Corne (X3), Dylan Creath, Victoria Curtis, Ezra Dalton, Hannah Damewood (X2), Clay Davis (X2), Zoie Davis, Emma Doczi (X3), Grant Dolan (X2), Ally Durst (X3), Nathen Durst  (X2), Whitney Durst, Lisa Evans, Blaise Facemyer (X2),  Katlin Fick  (X2), lucas Finlaw, Steven Fitzgerald, Chad Foster, Wyatt Fox, Kaleb Gheen, Caden Goff, Cera Grueser (X2),  Baylee Haggy (X2),  Ryan Harbour (X2), John Harris (X2),  Tia Harris, Nathan Hensley, Hannah Hill (X2),  Natalie Hoffman (X2),  Shayla Honaker (X2),  Skylar Honaker, Alysa Howard (X2),  Nathan Jackson, Aubree Johnson, Cami Jones, Lillian Kennedy, Pricie Kennedy, Madison Kenney (X2),  Kennedy Lantz, Dalton Lawrence (X3), Hunter Lawrence, Michael Letson, Mollie Maxon (X2),  Addie McDaniel, Colton McDaniel (X3), Israel Michael (X2),  Lita Michael (X2), Avary Mugrage, Brayden Mugrage, Darbi Mugrage, Dominic Nelson, Mackenzie Newell, Brielle Newland (X5), Gracie Parker, Jessica Parker (X2),  Anna Pierce (X2),  Riley Pierce, Eden Pooler, Michael Porter, Rebecca Pullins (X2), Evan Randolph, Dalton Reed (X2), Kailey Reed (X2),  Trista Reed, Garrett Rees (X2), Jessica Rees, Sydney Reynolds, Katie Ridenour (X2), Johnathan  Riley (X4), Jordan Riley, Karlee Roberts, Kelsey Roberts, Ronna Robinson, Kennadi Rockhold, Tessa Rockhold, Lisa Rose, Damian Roush (X2),  Hayley Sanders, Sydney Sanders (X2),  Koen Sellers, Layla Simmons, Bailey Sisson (X2),  Abby Smeeks (X2), Cierra Smeeks, Brady Smith (X2),  Brayden Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Kelsey Smith, Kylie Smith, Mackenzie Smith, Paige Smith, Jacob Spencer, Jennifer Starcher (X3), Sean Stobaugh, Easter Swain, Logan Tackett, Ciera Thorla, Vada Toney (X2), Tiffany Tripp, Cheyenna Umbel, Brady Watson, James Watson, Christina Wheeler, Lydia White (X2), Kateland Wilfong (X2), Kyra Zuspan (X2)

We would like to recognize and thank those students who received "Flight Tickets" during the third week of our our program: Alexus Ault, Isabella Arix Michael, Sophia Averion (X2), Brandon Baer, Weston Baer (X2), Haley Barber (X2), Ben Bailey (X2), Savannah Barnes (X2), Destiny Barringer, Evin Bauer, Abby Bauerbach, Jasiah Brewer (X2), Jasmine Brewer, Andrew Brooks, Natalie Browning, Nick Browning, Noah Browning, Jordan Buckley, Kevin Burke, Haley Burton, Emily Bush, Ella Carleton (X2), Shelby Carter (X2), Cory Casto (X2), Kassie Casto, Taylor Chevalier, Matthew Clongenpeel, Brady Colburn, Austin Combs, Colton Combs, Christopher Connolly, Aaron Corne (X2), Rajessah Creeger, Ezra Dalton, Zoie Davis, Emma Docz (X2), Ally Durst, Emmalea Durst, Whitney Durst, Sharp Facemyer, Lucas Finlaw, Chad Foster, Kaleb Gheen, Cera Grueser, Baylee Haggy (X3), Rylee Haggy(X2), Olivia Harris (X3), Gavin Helgesen, Kendyl Householder, Garrett Howard, Dominic Inherst (X2), Sam Jones, Gus Kennedy, Lillyann Kennedy, Pricie Kennedy, Floie Klein, Hunter Lawrence, Ryan Lauer, Lecia Leasure, Michael Letson, Cory Lonas, Isaac Lopez, Megan Maxon (X2), Mollie Maxon, Addie McDaniel (X2), Alexus Metheney, Lita Michael (X2), Lacey Morris, Trenton Morrissey, Trevor Morrissey, Avary Mugrage (X2), Cameron Nelson, Cole Nelson, Dominic Nelson, Riley Nelson, McKenzie Newell, Blake Newland, Brielle Newland, Bryce Newland, Jennifer Parker (X2), Ryan Parsons(X2), Riley Pierce (X2), Sabina Pilson (X2), Colton Porter (X3), Mike Porter (X3), Nicole Putman (X2), Bailey Putnam, Evan Randolph, Dalton Reed, Isaiah Reed, Kailey Reed (X3), Kelsey Reed, Trista Reed, Wyatt Reed, Colton Reynolds, Sydney Reynolds, Abbie Ridenour (X2), Connor Ridneour (X3), Johnathan Riley (X2), Ethan Reitmire, Karlee Roberts, Ronna Robinson, Kennadi Rockhold, KayCee Schreckengost, Koen Sellers, Abby Smeeks, Cierra Smeeks, Alexis Smith, Alyssa Smith, Austin Smith, Bradley Smith, Brady Smith (X2), Kelsey Smith, Kylie Smith (X2), Makayla Smith, McKenzie Smith, Paige Smith, Tiffany Smith, Jacob Spencer (X2), Lilly Suttle, Cierra Thorla, Tycen Toops, Tiffany Tripp, Wyatt Watson, Bryleigh Weigum, Lydia White, Collin Wilcoxen, Alex Woolard, and Kyra Zuspan.
During our second week of our character program, we would like to thank the students who received Flight Tickets: Sophia Averion, Alyson Bailey, Ben Bailey (X3), Bradley Bailey, Cassidy Bailey, Colton Bailey, Allison Barber (X2), Lane Barber, Wyatt Boggs, Jon Bollweg, Chyanne Brooks, Ciara Browning (X2), Natalie Browning, Noah Browning, Kaileb Brucker, Kevin Burke, Ella Carleton (X4), Kelsey Casto, Jenna Chadwell, Dylan Chevalier, Jamey Clark (X2), Aaron Corne, Tori Curtis, Ezra Dalton (X3), Hannah Damewood, Britney Denton, Emma Doczi, Emmalea Durst, Lucas Finlaw, Steven Fitzgerald, Brennen Gheen, Kylie Gheen, Cera Grueser, Olivia Harris, Tia Harris, Jenna Hensley, Brogan Holter, Morgan Houghton, Garrett Howard (X2), Nathen Jackson, Floie Klein, Kennedy Lantz, Dalton Lawrence, Grant Martin, Malachi Martindale, Lukkas Mays, Erica Milliron, Avary Mugrage, Bella Mugrage (X2), Brayden Mugrage, Darbi Mugrage, Hannah Mulford (X2), Mackenzie Newell, Bryce Newland (X2), William Oldaker, Jennifer Parker, Colin Parsons, Ryan Parsons (X2), Riley Pierce, Sabina Pilson, Colt Porter, Evan Randolph (X2), Isaiah Reed, Sydney Reynolds, Conner Ridenour, Katie Ridenour, Jonathan Riley, Jordan Riley, Haley Sanders, Sydney Sanders, Taylor Shaffer, Karlee Small, Cierra Smeeks, Alyse Smith, Alyssa Smith, Brady Smith, Konner Smith (X2), Sean Sobieski (X2), Kristyn Stewart, Sean Stobaugh, Logan Tackett (X2), John Tanner, Preston Thorla, Tiffany Tripp, Bryleigh Weigum, Lydia White, Brady Yonker (X3)

We would like to thank all of the students who received Flight Tickets during our program's first week for being caught in the act of showing responsibility: Ivy Adams, Brayden Arix, Destiny Arix, Sopia Averion, Weston Baer (X2), Maylee Barringer, Chloe Brooks, Kaileb Brucker, Brayden Bush, Isaac Card, Ella Carleton (X2), Austin Carnahan, Emma Causey, Hayes Causey (X2), Brady Colburn, Rajessah Creeger, Clay Davis, Nathen Durst, Emma Epling (X2), Christian Gaul, Brennen Gheen, Lexa Hayes (X2), Skylar Honaker, Lillian Kennedy, Lecia Leasure, Mollie Maxon, Sharon Michael, Avary Mugrage, Bella Mugrage, Gracie Parker, Jennifer Parker, Ryan Parsons, Riley Pierce, Bailey Putnam (X2), Evan Randolph, Garrett Rees, Colton Reynolds, Katie Ridenour, Tessa Rockhold (X2), Haley Sanders (X2), Alena Sarver, Koen Sellers, Bailey Sisson, Hunter Sisson, Faith Smeeks, Kylie Smith, Sierra Smith, Jennifer Starcher, Sean Stobaugh, Ciera Thorla, Vada Toney, Cheyanna Umbel, Lydia White, and Collin Wilcoxen.

Special thanks to Mrs. Jody King for making these lists possible!


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