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Bill Francis
Middle School Principal

Mr. Bill Francis

I would like to welcome you to the Eastern Middle School home page.  Eastern Middle School is made up of students in grades 5 through 8 of the Eastern Local School district and is housed in the K-8 Eastern Elementary building.  It is our goal to create a positive learning environment for all students that provide opportunities for them to reach their full academic potential.  Our Faculty and staff set high expectations for our students and encourage each individual to develop lifelong skills and the knowledge they need to become productive citizens in our nation. 

Our expectations are represented by our school motto – “Eagles have PRIDE”! This means that they are Prepared for success, Respectful of themselves and others, Involved in their school and community, Dependable and reliable, and Encouraging to their classmates and others.  We believe that students who possess these traits will be in an excellent position for success and be able to set excellent goals and work with faculty, staff, and other students to achieve those goals.

We strive to create an academic environment that is rigorous, engaging, and responsive to the needs of learners in the 21st century.  As a reflection of our dedication to creating a challenging academic environment, Eastern Elementary & Middle school was one of only 2 schools in the southeastern region of Ohio to be awarded a 2015 Momentum Award from the Ohio Board of Education.  Recipients of this award had received all A’s on the value-added section of the state report card.  We are very proud of the work that our faculty, staff, and students have done to receive such an honor!

Our faculty also welcomes and encourages parents and family to be actively involved in the education of our students.    If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please always feel free to contact the appropriate faculty member, of the main office, @ 740-985-3304.



Bill Francis

Principal, Eastern Middle School 5-8


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