Principals Message

Garret Hall
Jr./Sr. High School Principal


Eastern Jr./Sr. High School Mission: In partnership with our community, Eastern Jr./Sr. High School will ensure a safe and nurturing environment where all  students can reach their full potential and find their “E”. The support of all stakeholders is necessary and a clear set of achievable goals as well help to achieve this mission. All resources are concentrated on fostering mutual respect throughout the building and the  continuous improvement of student learning.

Dear Families and Community Members of Eastern Local School District,

I am proud to have the pleasure to serve our amazing community as the Jr./Sr. High School Principal. After graduating from the University of Rio Grande, I spent my entire teaching career in Meigs County before coming to Eastern after earning my Masters of Education Administration from Ohio University. I have previously served the district as an assistant principal, athletic director, and dean of students K-12 as well. As a lifelong community member and alum, I am the first to say that we as a high school have a wonderfully strong tradition of academic, comradery building, and athletic excellence. It is my utmost goal to strive every day to continue building on these rich traditions and prepare our students for the fast paced demands of the modern world upon graduation. Students have a multitude of graduation pathways outside of traditional state assessments, including career technical education competency provided through our Agriculture Program and Ohio State Board of Education Industry Credentials. Please feel free to reach out by phone or email with any questions.

With Tremendous Appreciation,

Garret A. Hall