teddy bear clinic

The Eastern Care Clinic hosted the Pre-School Eagles and their Teddy Bears on Tuesday.  The students helped their bears learn about how the clinic can keep them healthy and make them feel better when they’re unwell.  The Eastern Care Clinic staff provided a variety of learning stations to educate the students about the importance of physical, mental, and oral health.  With the help of the physical health team including Damia Hayman, CNP, Cassie Smith, LPN, and Charity Barthelmas, CMA, the students assisted in taking vital signs, caring for boo boo’s, and giving their teddy bears a flu shot.  Kelli Radford, MSW, LSW and Kim Johnson, BSW, QMHS worked with the students and their bears to understand how our moods affect our behavior.  The students and their bears also met with Amy Satterfield, RDH to learn about the importance of oral health.  The students were able to check their teddy bear’s teeth, brush and floss, and take a ride in a dental chair.  The Teddy Bear Clinic was a great opportunity for the students to meet the clinic staff, become familiar with the clinic environment, and take away any fears they may have about seeing a health care provider.  The students had a great time, and all their teddy bears were given a clean bill of health.


*Special thanks to Mr. Dettwiller, Kim Betzing, Dawn Hall and the Pre-School staff for allowing the students to participate.