Eastern Local Alumni and Friends Endowment

  • The Eastern Local Alumni and Friends Endowment was created to support academic, cultural, and extracurricular student activity opportunities for Eastern Local School District's students, and all those who work with them - including, for example: Athletic teams, Music or Art programs, after school programing, or any other student activities.

    A part of the Meigs County Foundation Family of Funds, the fund is a new way for alumni, friends, and supporters of academic excellence and student engagement in extracurricular activities to provide contributions outside traditional funding sources. The Fund helps to ensure permanent resources for programs and activities that enhance and enrich the educational experience of students and teachers.  

    Gifts to the Fund will help create new opportunities across the Eastern Local School District for students as well as support multiple current student activity organizations. As a result of a matching opportunity provided by the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio and Meigs County Foundation, all gifts to the fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000 per donor while matching funds are available.  

    Give a gift today or call FAO at 740.753.1111 to learn how you can make a give securities (and avoid capital gains), leave a planned gift, or make a direct gift from your IRA to meet your requirement minimum distribution!  There is a link to donate in the upper right hand corner on the school website or click on the following link.  https://host.nxt.blackbaud.com...

    THANK YOU for supporting the students and teachers of Eastern Local!   If you are able to make a large donation please do so before matching funds run out, but we hope everyone will sign up for ongoing donations also and please spread the word.   This is an amazing opportunity to help all our students and all of our different extracurricular activities for years to come.