Yesterday we had a bus accident on one of our morning routes when a bus slid into a ditch.  We were incredibly blessed that all our students were all ok and back in school today.  

We did want to take a moment and thank so many from our community that rushed to our aide.  The Meigs County EMS, along with Olive Township, and Bashan Fire Departments, Meigs County Sheriff's Office, and Ohio State Highway Patrol did an excellent job of checking out our students and making sure everyone was safe.

There were also several good Samaritans from the community who simply stopped to offer help and make sure everything was ok, and two other school districts who reached out to check in and offer help if needed.       

Our school staff did an excellent job of contacting and working with parents to make the best of a tough situation.  Our families were very helpful and patient working with our team at school.  

We are incredibly thankful to all these groups, but the group that we couldn't be more proud of is our students.  Our younger students were cool and collected and followed directions so well.  The older students on the bus worked with the driver and took leadership roles and helped the younger students through the whole process.  As a team they did an excellent job.  It makes me proud to know we have young men and women in our school and community like the ones who helped out in this situation. 

I am sure we missed someone, but thank you again to everyone for their help and support.  Seeing this response makes me so proud of our community.    

Nick Dettwiller

Eastern Local School District 
Stronger Together