This is a reminder for afternoon pickup. Please do not park in the reserved clinic spots. We reserve these because there could be elderly patients using these. There is also to be staff parking only from the weight room behind the High School to the side door of the Elementary until after dismissal is complete at 2:40. We appreciate your help and cooperation.
1 day ago, Nick Dettwiller
Congratulations to Mr. Sam Thompson for being selected as one of the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools (CORAS) Outstanding High School Teachers for the 2023-2024 school year! Mr. Thompson has been with Eastern Local since the 2000-2001 school year and has been a tremendous asset to the learning community in the Jr. High and High School settings. You are greatly appreciated!
2 days ago, Garret Hall
Congrats to the Jr High and High School wrestling teams at TVC. The Jr High team placed 2nd, and had 4 champions: Kyler Basham, Hunter Lance, Charlie Grueser, Gradey Murphy and one runner up in Zander Stewart. The High School team was lead by 2 time TVC Champ Gavan Smith and TVC runner-up Landen Basham. The HS’s next match is sectionals at Sandy Valley on 2/24.
3 days ago, Brock Stewart
The sophomore tour of Meigs Vocational will be tomorrow morning 8:30-10:30. The bus will depart at 8. All sophomores will go as part of our career readiness curriculum.
3 days ago, Garret Hall
This is a reminder that there is to be staff parking only from the weight room behind the High School to the side door of the Elementary until after dismissal is complete at 2:40. We appreciate your help and cooperation.
5 days ago, Nick Dettwiller
The EHS Winter Formal has been canceled for tomorrow due to inclement weather. It has been rescheduled for next Saturday, February 24th.
8 days ago, Garret Hall
Read-A-Thon will begin March 1st. Reading logs and more information will be coming home on March 1st. On Feb. 26th-March 1st will have Dress Up Days for our Pre-School through 6th grade students.
9 days ago, Tara Bell
Read-A-Thon Dress Up Days
In an effort to improve the safety of our students at dismissal, starting on Tuesday the 20th there is to be staff parking only from the weight room behind the High School to the side door of the Elementary until after dismissal is complete at 2:40. We appreciate your help and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out.
10 days ago, Nick Dettwiller
Congratulations to our 7th grade Boys Basketball team for their 1st place finish at the Southern junior high tournament!
10 days ago, Brock Stewart
The Meigs County Schools Food Pantry will be distributing food on Thursday 2/15 from 4-6 or until supplies run out at the Meigs Local Administrative Office building at 41765 Pomeroy Pike
12 days ago, Nick Dettwiller
Over the last couple of weeks, Eastern Jr./Sr. High School students has had many wonderful achievements to celebrate. Pictured are the commitments/signings of seniors Brandon Oldaker, and Rylee Barrett to play college football. Brandon will be attending Glenville State, and Rylee will be attending Captial University. Wesley Sheppard, an Eastern 7th grader was selected as the January Student of the Month due to his wonderful work ethic, model respectful behavior, and willingness to go out of his way to help others. He earned a $25 Walmart Gift Card prize. Also, our Lady Eagles Basketball Team pulled off a huge sectional victory yesterday evening over Sciotoville East. Congratulations to all of you for your excellent efforts and successes!
11 days ago, Garret Hall
Eastern Sectional Score
On Saturday, 10th February, our Archery Eagles proved that their hard work is paying off!! We competed at Granville High School with a number of our families choosing to make the long drive. HIGH SCHOOL Joshua Jones - 294 (1st Place) Raeann Schagel - 280 (7th Place) Nevada Johnson - 276 Sophia Ward - 271 Joseph Putnam - 266 Emalee Marcinko - 262 Nathan Winebrenner - 257 Brailynn Lamb - 243 Emma Harper - 228 Katie Ryan - 224 MIDDLE SCHOOL Emmett Jordan - 286 (1st Place) Clay Buckley - 284 (2nd Place) Allison Putnam - 271 (6th Place) Emma Myers - 256 Braelynn Sims - 254 Baylee Johnson - 252 Riley Koren - 249 Vandier Huber - 232 Sophia Shaw - 213 Alexia Gillilan - 202 Beau Durst - 172 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Jayla Tripp - 250 (4th Place - 5th grade girls) Grant Brooks - 231 (3rd Place - 4th grade boy) Lillee Marcinko - 206 Peyton Lipscomb - (2nd Place - 4th grade girl) Morgan Durst - 191 (3rd Place - 4th grade girl) Avery Lipscomb - 181 (5th Place - 4th grade girl) Brayden Brooks - 173 Spencer King - 147 Madeline Jones - 134 Cason Johnson - 86 Great job, Eagles!!! 🦅🎯💚
12 days ago, Jezare' Brooks
Grandville Archery Tournament
Click the link below to see some of the amazing things our staff and students have done recently at Eastern Local and see some of the opportunities coming up for our students.
12 days ago, Nick Dettwiller
With two tournaments finished, our season has officially started. In all we will have 15 tournaments for the year. With 12 other AAC schools. We want to extend our thanks to the parents for sacrificing their time to ensure that the kids make it to practices and tournamnets. Without your support, our program wouldn't exist. 👏 Our first tournament of the season wasn't mandatory, and yet we had a number of archers participate. It was a long, EARLY drive to Philo High School, where our archers shook off the jitters and shot well. You should all be very proud of yourselves!! Philo scores HIGH SCHOOL Raeann Schagel - 286 (1st Place) Joshua Jones - 285 (4th Place) Gunner Gadis - 272 Nevada Johnson - 270 Sophia Ward - 269 Joseph Putnam - 262 Brailynn Lamb - 255 Emalee Marcinko - 252 Aiden Hughes - 245 Jase McCray - 219 Katie Ryan - 154 MIDDLE SCHOOL Clay Buckley - 280 (1st Place) Emmett Jordan - 268 (10th Place) Allison Putnam - 267 (10th place) Riley Koren - 253 Vandiver Huber - 251 Braelynn Sims - 250 Emma Sheppard - 241 Baylee Johnson - 240 Logan Chaffee - 233 Sophia Shaw - 227 Alexia Gillian - 191 Beu Durst - 180 Alicia Lyons - 134 ELEMENTARY Brayden Brooks - 239 (10th Place) Jayla Tripp - 233 (7th Place) Grant Brooks - 223 Lillee Marcinko - 215 Spencer King - 161 Peyton Lipscomb - 160 Tristin Frank - 152 Avery Lipscomb - 145 Morgan Durst - 144 Emilee Sheppard - 94 Madeline Jones - 76 Cason Johnson - 63 For our Athens tournament as a team, we faired better results. More archers participated in this close to home tournament, and we had some impressive scores, with several of our kids placing in the top 10!! Athens scores HIGH SCHOOL (2nd as a team) Joshua Jones - 288 (3rd Place) Nevada Johnson - 282 (3rd Place) Sophia Ward - 279 (5th Place) Raeann Schagel - 278 (8th Place) Alexus Mettler - 275 Wesley Milhoan - 271 Gunner Gadis - 269 Aidan Hughes - 265 Emalee Marcinko - 253 Joseph Putnam - 247 Nathan Winebrenner - 247 Emma Harper - 244 Brailynn Lamb - 241 Olivia Wood - 234 Katie Ryan - 210 MIDDLE SCHOOL (6th as a team) Clay Buckley - 284 (1st Place) Emmett Jordan - 269 (6th Place) Braelynn Sims - 268 Grace Frith - 267 Emma Myers - 267 Allison Putnam - 267 Riley Koren - 258 Baylee Johnson - 257 Cyle Hulse - 236 Vandier Huber - 233 Grant Milhoan - 231 Stevie Hulse - 227 Alexia Gillilan - 221 Beau Durst - 221 Emma Sheppard - 217 Shaun Bonecutter - 213 Sophia Shaw - 211 Logan Chaffee - 189 ELEMENTARY (6th as a team) Jayla Tripp - 253 (1st Place) Brayden Brooks - 222 Tristin Frank - 216 Lillee Marcinko - 207 Grant Brooks - 196 Peyton Lipscomb - 184 Colson Davis - 181 Avery Lipscomb - 169 Elijah Browning - 163 Morgan Durst - 154 Keeley Davis - 149 Madeline Jones - 142 Spencer King - 119 Emilee Sheppard - 113 Cason Johnson - 113 Our Eagles are doing a great job!! This weekend it will be another long drive but our team is ready!! Keep watching for updates on our season!! GO EAGLES 💚 🦅 🎯
12 days ago, Jezare' Brooks
Go Eagles Archery 🏹
Go Eagles Archery 🏹
Eastern Girls Basketball will host Sciotoville East for a sectional tournament game on Monday 2/12 at 7:00pm. Tickets are now available online through the link provided below. No TVC passes, or Eastern passes will be permissible and all in attendance must have a ticket unless they are an event worker or approved media agent. Due to this being an OHSAA tournament site, gates cannot open until 6:00pm.
17 days ago, Brock Stewart
The Eastern High School Student Council and the American Red Cross will be sponsoring a blood drive on Thursday, February 8th from 8:00 to 1:30 in the high school gymnasium. All donors will receive a $20 gift card to Amazon from the Red Cross and free ice cream from the Student Council for donating! Again, there will be a blood drive on Thursday, February 8th from 8:00 until 1:30 in the high school gymnasium. The more donors we have, the more scholarships we can offer to our senior students. Thank you and we hope to see you there!
18 days ago, Garret Hall
Eastern Preschool Parents, please disregard the negative balance call on your preschooler's account. Thank you
18 days ago, Eastern Food Service
This is a reminder for all Eastern Seniors to please regularly check the 7-12 School Guidance Page Scholarship Section. Three scholarships have been added over the last week including the Nadine Goebel Nursing/Hocking Scholarship, The Community Action Scholarship, and the Pepsi/Eastern Local Future Educator Scholarship. Reach out with any questions and visit this page regularly for possible additional scholarships and opportunities. The link is attached below:
19 days ago, Garret Hall
Eastern Local bus 23 driven by Raeven Clampett will run two hours late tomorrow. She will utilize bus five. Thank you.
20 days ago, Brian Collins
Thank you to Toyota Buffalo representatives for speaking to Eastern Junior and Senior students about the Kanawha Valley FAME Program AMT opportunity where selected applicants can earn an associates degree that is likely free while earning solid wages and gaining core skills leading to permanent gainful local employment. Remember, the deadline to apply is February 11th and the documents with the link to the application page have been emailed to all Eastern Seniors. Students are certainly working hard to find their "E" at Eastern Jr./Sr. High School!
23 days ago, Garret Hall